‘Poem’ by Mary Cecil

Sometimes I think, do I write as a woman?
Are my thoughts so different?
What concerns woman and not men
Do they have a gravitas I do not?
Is the world I experience
The search for truth
To flay a heart and dissect a thought
Should I be remote, detached as a diary?
Where do my thoughts sit
What else save love and loss to expect
Am I not serious in my journey?
Is there a scale I know not of?
Are all the challenges reserved for men?
To pontificate to helpless women
Or is the emotional turmoil in poetry
A commonality of the writing process?
So in consideration I shall continue
And explore the frontiers of being human
Disregard the doubts
And write, simply because I must
untitled is © Mary Cecil
Mary Cecil is the mother of large family and Grandmother to eleven. The widow of Rathlin Island’s famous campaigner, diver, author (Harsh winds of Rathlin) Thomas Cecil. Lover of Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland’s only inhabited island. Mary enjoys community development and current events. She has been writing poetry for several years. Enjoys writing a variety of poems, spiritual, war, romantic, protest and nature. Keen to compose more poems based on Rathlin Island’s myths & legends. She worked in owning andmanaging tourist facilities both on and off Rathlin Island. Public Appointment as Lay Member, The Appropriate Authority, Criminal Legal Aid Board.

Mary Cecil’s Rathlin Island poems

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