the subtle flavouring of fish // C. Murray

teserrae of names
dull mustard
fiery gold flames
organics of mushroom tea
gaudy/ Gaudi/ lace/ paste
St Audrey/ rust/ blood/ lace
yes, tawdry lace
           -I can use that
round and round
the mulberry bush
oranges/ bees/ fish/
old chain letter/ old
poems stuck together/
cum-came/ come on!
books published
unaltering of anything/
but the subtle flavouring of fish – maybe
dom/dominatrix/domestic goddess/
           this girl’s great in the kitsch-en
cook-stuff/ cock-stuff //really // cock-stuff/
who knows
what goes
on where the
poetry muses lie ?
butterfly-netted the
black veiled butterfly-swoop
unguarded ungirded/
girdled //corsetted//cosseted
our bee-keepers are impotent
poetess/priestess jiggle your
tits /make soup/
and I thought /
                        I need more meat than this to feed my brain,
words of madness /of bloodletting/
vein of salts/salts in the blood-wounds/
of those who … (know)
lady take my hand/
let us go to the bare
birthing room/ the death-room/
                 the room of whispers/screams/
some agony of death is here/
clean kitchens /jeyes fluid/
orange savlon/salted wounds/
//cif //blood//
but spare me the details for the subtle flavouring of fish – please
abstract paintings surrealism artwork german traditional art max ernst surreal art 1455x1050 wall_wallpaperswa.com_37© Christine Murray &  first published in Colony Journal.Image by Max Ernst
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