Four Poems by Rus Khomutoff

I wear you under my skin.
Your hydra cadence sweet spot
Sanity assassin of the nothing agency
With words as instruments of rapture
Mediation prompt
Constellation of intentions,
a gradient of realness in contaminated tones
Jilted designations and counterpoetics
Stabs of conscience off the easel
Absorbent minds…the dark enlightment’s lamentable tragedy
Certainty is now my watchword
Mystagoguery, a bleeding edge of obsolescence
A face of genius in full measure of the spectacular now
Catharsis daily-mother tongue of method and black squares
Words vetted out of nowhere
Deadbeat doth
The new cult of consensus
The famous devil of a perfect vanguard.
Fascinated by the river that is knowledge.
Circumstances that come in to stay-miles from our
mephitic place.
High and low extensions on the threshold of meaning-
sonic intimacies

Read a sample from Immaculate Days by Rus Khomutoff here.

My name is Rus Khomutoff and I am a neo surrealist poet in Brooklyn, NY. My poetry has appeared in Erbacce, Uut Poetry and Burning House Press.Last year I published an ebook called Immaculate Days. I am also on twitter:
Immaculate Days
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