‘A Hierarchy of Halls’ by C. Murray

This is not a universe,
it is a garden. Trees,
a hierarchy of halls,
halls, a universe to sing.
Follow wren’s sound
into the lowest corridors.
There, a huge gap, fox
is where blackbirds sing.
Stone-plateaued, daisy garlanded
Tree looms above it all.

Early summer occurs
in a calamity of falling
petals, birds, the
bright souls of birds.
A small dead bird
is at my feet,
tree looms
over this soul-ossuary
dignifying the small
body with her dark needles,


A Hierarchy of Halls  ©  C. Murray (Smithereens Press, 2018)

Thanks to Ken Keating of Smithereens Press for publishing A Hierarchy of Halls.

Cover art by Salma Ahmad Caller.

Streaming options for A Hierarchy of Halls at The Internet Archive

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