“Child’s Celestial Chime” by Deirdre Gallagher

Child’s Celestial Chime

Buttery chiffon taffeta folds
of an early evening
Hedge rustling sways
to softening breeze
Dalliant twitterings nestle
into hummingbird tillage.

Amidst the lazy din,
a pristine crystal chime –
Unfettered, it’s inflection
pierced through the clouds.

This ascension
Reaching the supreme octave –
Vibrations of purity rang out.


Labours of Love

Palms upward
cupped in symmetry
An open book
of forgotten scripture

Etched into frail translucent papery flesh
and gnarled knuckles
Lines and scars trace a stoic history
Discarded chronicles of toil, forbearance, silent sacrifice
The forsaken testament
of unsung heroines.

By the graft of
these now
rendered distorted
arthritic joints
were carved
Labours of love.

Child’s Celestial Chime” and another poem are @ Deirdre Gallagher

Deirdre Gallagher has works published in A New Ulster, Crossways Literary Magazine, Poethead, Comhar, Feasta and upcoming in The Stinging Fly. Literature is passionate, powerful, restorative, and transformative. It makes an immense contribution to our evolving world. A language enthusiast, she believes that we can dispel the shadows cast by checkered history and disconnection to see the emergence of a bright, compassionate, and equitable future that celebrates the advantages of multilingualism within national and global contexts 

Acceptance and other poems © Deirdre Gallagher


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