“You Will Remain an Example” by Tal Al-Mallouhi for Day of the Imprisoned Writer 15/11/2019

Poethead by Chris Murray

You will remain an example

(To Gandhi)
I will walk with all walking people
And no
I will not stand still
Just to watch the passers-by
This is my homeland
In which
I have
A palm tree
A drop in a cloud
And a grave to protect me
This is more beautiful
Than all cities of fog
And cities which
Do not recognise me
My master:
I would like to have power
Even for one day
To build the “republic of feelings”.

You Will Remain an Example is © Tal Al-Mallouhi, imprisoned in Syria (2011-2013, from 2013 to the present her status is categorised as ‘unknown’) translated from the Arabic by Ghias Aljundi.


The Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International condemns the five year sentence handed down on 14 February 2011 to blogger, poet and high school student Tal Al-Mallouhi on the…

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