“Awaken” and other poems by Sinead McGuigan


For what are dreams without eyes
to look upon melancholic fields of truth?

They plunder my feverish plight,
sanctify my most chaste body strewn,

break the silence of dagger tears as
gentle breezes dance upon the blades.

Awakened by soft mountain dew,
transparent memories nourish parched lips.

Darkened thoughts stretch to bloom,
sun reflections dazzle in the midst of change —

Hollow sight blossoms to fertile springs,
I open my eyes to the dawning day.



Ruins crumble tinge regret
Bleak winds whisper life’s decay
Drops cling to a crimson flower
Life’s shadow depletes blossoms
Streams sluggishly flow to green
Curve towards humanities fork
Stagnant poisonous ideals
Nostalgic deluge prays wings
Shades of twilight cloak intent
Chill of dusk blackened slate
Night rises in vengeful spite
Storms of wisdom pound dark sky
Truth sweeps to thunderous claps
Clouds weep upon a dark domain


Lost Souls of Tuam

As the sky poured down its crimson pain
torturous holy wrath condemned us.
Blood washed the passion from our veins
silent prayers whispered at our graves.
Unmarked and hidden from the world
Lost souls sang hymns, their stories untold.

Oh righteous pleas, stolen lives,
babies torn from their mother’s arms.
Silent cries in death’s cold embrace,
never become part of the human race.

As bitter fruits of passion weep,
hidden burgundy sins pour.
Religious hands that cradled flesh,
illegitimate secrets are laid to rest.

Awaken and other poems are © Sinead McGuigan

Sinead McGuigan a UCD graduate lives in Navan, Co Meath. Sinead has returned to writing poetry in various styles for the last year. Sinead’s’ first book of poetry called “My Muse of Restless Nights” will be released soon.


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