“Morning Yearning” and other poems by Alanna D. Merriman

Morning Yearning

The time it takes to know one’s ticks
Is a short, round the clock to
To love them takes only one
With blindfold eyes in bedroom
Morning, empty coffee cups

Dusty shakes of mindless thoughts
Importance comes too late
When idle happiness warms
Their train seat home

Why does time excuse endless
Troupes of productivity
Deemed impossible to achieve
When achieving it?
You find that useless, mindless thoughts
Bring only an abundance more.

Where are childhood ticks in
Tin-cans and
Orange juice cartons
Empty by the kitchen sink?

Rooftops and dreamlike
Catch-up conversations
Take me to bed through the
Gapped stone walls
Where my body rests on adrenaline buds
Minding them for morning.


Landmark’s Difference

Come in off the street
Out of the cold
Into the dense air
Of bustling business;
Bright eyed

The same faces knocking
From pillar to post
Protecting their silent

Yearning for the openness
Of country caravans
And wood cabin comfort;
There’s no solace
In the city

Only endless shafts shifting
Culture to crude creation
Ugly unanimous agreements
Pitch only imperfect pictures

Where is the sound
Of silent night
When tumbling troupes’ traffic
In the thick of it all?
The wind waits in brambled bushes
I fear my journey home


The Night’s Natural Beginning

Fog outside the windows
Cloud misty viewpoint darkness

Captured tusks of white grow
Dusty, coarse and grey

Fallen as the snowflakes
In a city boy’s apartment

Middle end beginnings and
The reckonings of shame

Where is the sun to warm my
Neck longing to be golden?

The time of blue arrives with
Empty ducts of tears

Cold, pitch-black coffee cups
Leave rings on bedside tables

While she makes way back home
To wait for sunrise


The Wall

Each part of you that
Cares and loves
Wants to heal and
And give and give

Mixed with particles
Of priceless pain

They will not let you in
Not for separation
But to keep you set
In your place. Defence
Without recognition;
Consideration. Shutting out, no bars
Just solid wall

The barrier yet the safety net also,
How can that be?

Comfort; discomfort
Just the wall
All-purpose wall
Purpose, need
At the expense of what?

The expense of life and progression,
The expense of leaping into the eternal everlasting

Failure, repeat
Progression, failure
Repeat sadness,
Progressive passion
Regret, repeat

With all of you, all your strength can give
All of your fibres and good talk of motivation

Clap and
Smiles and
Proud, proud, proud.

I wanted to hold your hand
While you jumped to the other side

You had me encapsulated.

Morning Yearning and other poems © Alanna D. Merriman


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