A Celebration of Irish women poets on Bloomsday 2020

‘Words Like Stars’ by Roisin Ní Neachtain

How they flow unformed
Then fix themselves like the stars
Shivering and held up

And I
And they
Staggering and squawking
Sweating and squabbling

Night and day

Wobbling words




Corrosive mantles
Wrought to a stain

Stain us
Stain the water to the earth
Hold these shapes in stasis

Their lungs sooty and quivering
How they wake songs in the trenches
And beg for absolution

© Roisin Ní Neachtain


Anora Mansour is a graduate of the University of Oxford. She lives between Oxford and Dublin. She has been published in a collection of Jazz Poems, various online sites, and has her own published collection of poetry and blog. She is African-American and Irish.

© Jade Riordan

Mythical Night

Oh Night, oh calm and mythical night,
Have you not seen the moon? How bright!
‘Tis not the sun but the twilight,
To the earth holding tight.

How soothing! Cool and warm in winter’s night,
Calling it the noon, ‘‘tis all right’’
See the stars twinkling at height,
A moth gently flying around a streetlight.

The trees singing in a soft breeze,
And their shadows dancing in sweet harmony,
Tomorrow night all trees shall freeze,
But tonight listen to the crickets humming their lullaby in melody.

 © Asma Zulfiqar



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