“River” a series by Sarah Lenihan



I wish I could lay in a river glazed
with gold – my heart sinking into yours amidst
this pleasure.

I would watch you fall beneath my
feet as we would lay upon the riches
we’ve won.

It is a deadly notion to dream this dream of mine–
The current brings us on different streams.
I am drowning for you and yet you do nothing.

With a heavy heart I let it go;
You, me, this river.




I wish I could tell you what I desire most.
How I would fall into you each time and keep coming
back with a love deeper than before.

Time doesn’t wait & I cannot guarantee
I will be standing strong on my own two feet
at the end of this world.

Yet my soul drifts in your direction. She wants to believe
death is not real & that we can dance forever.

It’s savage – this whole thing.
Savage how you can love and not know how to love all at once.




Little by little, my tired feet seek to find their place.
Aimlessly they wander pleading to rest awhile.

Yet, as I walk through the fields of Bali, with the ebullience of each soul that
I encounter along this path I am tainted with exploding love.

Foreign, weak & lost I am, yet I see there is no fury here.

The people of Bali are rich with life.
In the ever-changing of each new day, they tell me
I am ‘Golden’.




On a quest of truth, you will find me
seeking in all directions.
No longer fearing my voice – I am setting myself free.

Silent– away with you now.
Silent– no need to nest here now.

Loud– I welcome you now.

Grace, no longer omitted–
My shadow uplifted.




Through the eyes of her
troubles; each rolling through–
Her head placed in the sky she looks down,
takes a leap & learns to fly.

Loose. Loose is she.
Chain me now I dare you!

I’d rather leave you now than have me love you on your command.



Divine Woman

I was told that ‘I Matter’.
My craft, my soul – to ‘let it scatter’.

And now with the door breached; shackles unhinged I tell her;
‘Darling you are divine, no need to keep trying’.

Divine woman I am.
Divine woman always.
Unleashed the power within–

An uplifting glory. It’s only the beginning of this story.

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