“Time” by Fidel Hogan Walsh and Julie Corcoran

2020, Memories

Blinded in a winter’s dread no prophet foresaw.
Spring’s new life erupted into a chaos of fear.
Desolation replaced the warmth of a hug.
Children banished from our everyday lives!

Ahh, the blessings — a swift journey home
to the unexpected happiness under one roof.
Chatter, laughter —
a family enduring dark days
come what may….

Time, the pickpocket of memories stood still.
Watching, new ways of keeping our spirits alive,
to be remembered, cherished.
Lost moments recaptured before Summer’s end….

An invisible killer started a war,
so much pressure on our frontline.
But it would be,
‘Love and Stay at Home’
that had their backs.

Death came at a fast pace.
Isolation, the enemy of a treasured last goodbye —
grief mourned in silent lockdown.

And now,
                                   the road to healing shattered hearts and souls begins!


 Family Love
Father. Mother.
            Daughters. Sons.
Love weaves its magical thread
         intricately throughout the ages.
Forging unbreakable bonds.
                Out from nowhere,
an unnatural enemy wreaked havoc
           on the close-knit unit.
They endured great sadness and turmoil.
          Separation with no hugs
to warm the blood, tested their strength… 
Generations fought for survival
alongside the mightiest warrior of all — Love.
And the family stood firm.
A force to be reckoned with!


Common sense flees at the first sign of fear,
hostage to an ever sense of madness.

Inception of a foreboding story’s journey!
I see; the one eyed child dancing on her grave — the ruins of mankind.
I hear; the dark one singing an ancient curse — a prayer not heard.
I smell; the rotting of bodies — soul thieves wanton destruction.
I touch; the soiling of a pure heart — unholy spirits grasp hold.
I taste; the drowning miseries in the afterlife — ripen death.

Saving the dead or killing the living?
On a night when the full moon is covered by cloud!

Words © Fidel Hogan Walsh / Images @ Julie Corcoran

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