eve labouring for 37 hours, the ‘yes’ poem – gold friend

eve labouring for 37 hours; the 'yes' poem

Eve in pain

will bring
forth a Cain /

Exhausted stretch
dilate/ than die/ yes,

So just. Sous justice.
En vertu de la justice,

(‘In sorrow you shall bring forth children’)

Face? Yes, yes! Present. Hands?
Yes. His image, 
who conjured it?

Mouth of dry twigs

the /sticks / stones
bones/ buttons
a knee-piece/ skulls          the threads— 

There are piles of skulls
pushing through my grimacing cunt,

All the pretty things,
the stones/ bones /buttons
A knee-piece/ skulls          the threads — 

Sous justice.

Copyright Chris Murray, 2016, 2020

Published Leuvre Litteraire #12

Collected Gold Friend, Turas Press 2020

Online URL https://turaspress.ie/shop/gold-friend-by-chris-murray/

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