Celebrating the launch of ‘Gold Friend’ 2020

This film includes a sound adaption of ‘Nocturne for Voices One and Two” by Una Lee, a talk by Salma Ahmad Caller about the art for ‘Gold Friend’ and ‘A Hierarchy of Halls’, and the art that you can see on this site every time you click in. The piece is called ‘Making Den of Sibyl Wren‘ (Salma Ahmad Caller, 2018). Thanks to Lucy Collins who asked the questions, read, and talked about the book. I did some brief readings and talked about the book too. The whole thing was designed, edited, and created by Liz McSkeane, my publisher at Turas Press

Order ‘Gold Friend’ here if you’d like, but please do watch and enjoy the film which replaced a traditional launch and was filmed in Dublin, Reading, and Belfast over the last two weeks.

Image: Salma Ahmad Caller reading beside the artwork ‘Making Den of Sibyl Wren‘. (2018) You can see some of the details from the piece at this link.

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